Solo: #EnglishClub – Hero

Solo: #EnglishClub – Hero

Solo: #EnglishClub – Hero

  • Details
  • Venue
    : Playground Solo, Solo
  • Date & Time
    : 03 Mei 2018 @ 16:00 - WIB
  • Organizer
    : Akber Solo
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Hello guys, Akademi Berbagi Solo English Club will be held again and this week we’re going to share about Hero

Everyone might have Hero in their live, they could their family or public figure, like football player, artist, fighter and so on. We usually follow their life path since we assume if that’s good for us, for example we follow their lifestyle, their manner, vision or any else and we hope someday we could be like them.

This week we will discuss about it. So don’t be hesitate to come

The English Club will be held:
On Thursday , 3 May 2018
At 4 PM in Playground Solo

This English Club is open for PUBLIC and It’s FREE!

Please register yourself by send a message with format:
Send this to:
085600770430 (Assifa)
081391760916 (Andika)
*and if you have any question you can also contact those number

Thank you and I’ll see you later!

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