Solo: #EnglishClub – Quarter Life Crisis

Solo: #EnglishClub – Quarter Life Crisis

Solo: #EnglishClub – Quarter Life Crisis

  • Details
  • Venue
    : Erkabe Cafe Manahan, Solo
  • Date & Time
    : 04 Maret 2018 @ 16:00 - WIB
  • Organizer
    : Akber Solo
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Hello guys, Akademi Berbagi Solo English Club will be held again and this week we’re going to share about Quarter Life Crisis

Have you ever think if you feel like lost your hope? Lost your idealisms? You don’t know what you wanna be? And particularly you don’t know how to solve all of your challenges after graduated from University, like your job maybe is not proper with you, you wanna continue your study but didn’t know how to start it or you haven’t sure will continue it or not.

Everyone maybe also got those hard feelings. So how if we invite you to come and share those stories. Maybe it’s will help you by sharing your stories with each participants

The English Club will be held:
On Sunday , 4 March 2018
At 4 PM in Erkabe Cafe Manahan

This English Club is open for PUBLIC and It’s FREE!

Please register yourself by send a message with format:
Send this to:
085600770430 (Assifa)
081391760916 (Andika)
*and if you have any question you can also contact those number

Thank you and I’ll see you later!

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