Solo: #EnglishClub – Let’s Talk About Social Media and Its Impacts

Solo: #EnglishClub – Let’s Talk About Social Media and Its Impacts

Solo: #EnglishClub – Let’s Talk About Social Media and Its Impacts

  • Details
  • Venue
    : Erkabe Cafe (Rumah Kreatif BUMN Manahan), Solo
  • Date & Time
    : 07 Desember 2017 @ 16:00 - WIB
  • Organizer
    : Akber Solo
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This week, Akademi Berbagi Solo English Club will be held again and our topic is about ”Social Media And Its Impacts”.

We would like to hear your opinion about the impact of social media on society especially for young people whether it’s bad or good. Also you can share about tips how to use social media wisely, discussing about latest hot topic and trend on social media platform, and most importantly is sharing how young people can make a change for better world from social media. Are you one of social media darling? Do you use it everyday and check your notification everytime? I’d love to hear your answer about all these question on our English Club this week. It is very interesting topic, isn’t it?

So, we want to invite you to join Akber Solo English Club. This club is a good opportunity for you to improve your english speaking skill. No need worry abour your grammar or vocabulary, just enjoy our conversation.

#EnglishClub – Social Media and Its Impacts

Thursday, 7 December 2017
at 16.00 WIB
On Erkabe Cafe (Rumah Kreatif BUMN Manahan)

If you are a new member of Akber English Club, please register yourself first by send a message with format:

Send this to:
085600770430 (Assifa)
081391760916 (Andika)
(and if you have any question about this club you can also contact those number)



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